A close up of a signCOLDNet Profile by CATAN

Email : support@coldnet.com.au
Support Phone Number: +61 411 376 902
Office Phone Number : +61 419 669 361

Postal Address : PO Box 7080
QLD. 4169

COLDNet Profile is our new Overhead Line Design software. 

The usual features are all there

Some of the new features we have added are


 COLDNet Profile is PC based software that does not require an internet connection making it suitable for working in the office or in the field. 

You should not use the Beta release on any real jobs as we are still checking results. Any jobs created may not be able to be opened in the final release.

To download the Beta install package click here

To download a zip file of the install package clich here

After you install the software, when you run it for the first time you will be asked to forward an email to us with your contact details. This is not compulsory and we will not pass this information on to anyone. We ask you do this so that we can email you when updates and new walkthroughs are available.


The walkthroughs below will help you learn some of the new features. Click on the links below to download them.

The first walkthrough is Import CSV Example. The file you need in the walkthrough can be downloaded from here.
This walkthrough shows how to import data from a GPS and must be done first as it sets up a job that the other walkthroughs use.

The walkthroughs below use the job created with the first walkthrough and can be done in any order.

Point Loads

Adding Stays

Blowout & Clearance to Structures

Adding Markups

Adding Pole Plant


Updating Crossarms

This walkthrough shows you how to import data taken with a laser rangefinder Import Laser Rangefinder Data.
 The file you need for this walkthrough can be downloaded from here.

If you want to skip doing these walkthroughs you can download the completed files here.