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This website last updated 14/04/2021

COLDNet Profile is our new Overhead Line Design software. 

The usual features are all there

Along with a much improved interface, the main new features are

CATAN Users should read this document for an overview of the differences


If you are a licenced user, you will need to register the software with us. This document explains how this process works.



The walkthroughs will help you learn some of the new features. Click on the links below to download them.

This walkthrough should be first: Import CSV Example. The file you need in the walkthrough can be downloaded from here.
It shows how to import data from a GPS and must be done first as it sets up a job that the other walkthroughs use.

Import Laser Rangefinder Data. The data file for this walkthrough is here.

Import and Edit Sokkia Total Station/Theodolite files. The data file for this walkthrough is here.

Import and Edit Nokia Total Station/Theodolite files. The data file for this walkthrough is here.

Create a Simple Profile

Basic Screen Controls

View Options

Opening CATAN Files

Place Poles on Existing Profile

Place Poles on New Profile

Changing Deafult Foundation Properties

Updating Crossarms

Adding, Trimming & Extending Circuits

Moving, Inserting & Copying Poles

Crossarm Design

Stabilsed Backfill

Plot Curves and Clearance to Ground

Point Loads

Feature Codes  

Pole Bases and Logs

Pole Plant

Field Codes for picking up Stay Information

Ground Stays

Aerial Stays

Aerial Points

Creating Tee-off Profiles


Blowout & Clearance to Structures

Sagging Conductors



Export to DXF

Water Levels

3D Views

Importing Geo-referenced Images

Import DXF files

Importing Pictures

Setting Uplift Constraints

Setting Crossarm Deviation Angle Constraints

Adding and Changing Libraries

Importing CATAN Libraries

Setting up for Concurrent Users

Updating Load cases for the current job only

Updating Load cases for the parameter/scenario files

Walkthroughs for Lidar Data

For lidar data, please read/ follow the walkthoughs in the same order as they are listed here

Using LASTools - This walktrough provides the method to convert ant .las or .laz files to csv/txt format for COLDNet Profile

Import Lidar Data - A typical lidar file can be downloaded form this link. This wlakthrough also shows how to creat a profile from the lidar data.

Place Default Poles On Lidar Based File

Fixing Attachment Points from Lidar