FERAL in the field

FERAL – In Field Data Capture for CATAN

What is FERAL?

FERAL is software used to capture power line route data for use in CATAN. FERAL runs on a PocketPC handheld computer connected to a Sokkia Total Station.

The connection to the Total Station is by cable or Bluetooth. FERAL triggers the Total Station to take the measurements

Main FERAL Screen

Feral shows a plan view of where you are and each survey shot taken appears instantly on the display

MainFERALscreen        FERAL check clearances

FERAL Job Types

General Survey Pickup: Point information is gathered for a new line or an existing line and processed back in the office with CATAN.

Pole Spotting: As well as the point information being gathered, pole locations can be checked for clearance in the field and pegged.  This data is checked and final design calculations done back in the office with CATAN

Key Points of FERAL for either Job Type
Key Points of FERAL for Pole Spotting
Existing Lines

FERAL can be use to survey existing powerlines by taking measurements to pole locations, points of attachments, mid-span ground positions and mid-span wire positions. CATAN can then be used to calculate the existing stringing and determine the current state of the line or options for uprating the line.