CATAN is an integrated software package used for the design of Overhead power lines.

CATAN is simple to use and provides an accurate solution to power line designs. The software removes the tedium and inaccuracy of manual data entry and manual calculations. It interfaces to many types of survey equipment and file data structures and provides outputs to CAD systems.

CATAN is not just a spreadsheet or a number of bundled together calculators, but integrated throughout so there is no need to reenter data for a different calculation.

There is no limit to the number of data points, poles or circuits that can be used.

The user specifies the load cases to be analysed. These can also be stored in a Design Set so that the system can be configured to operate across different methodologies (Limit State or working load) and across different areas.

Tools are provided in the software to quickly place poles at desired intervals, and the designer then adjusts the pole locations, lengths and sizes to suit. The screen below shows a typical profile being designed within the Interactive Design module.


Some of the features are

CATAN calculates

Users can create their own libraries of

Profile Data can come from

Standard Reports

Select the links below for high resolution images of CATAN.

Interactive Design - Example includes multiple circuits

Multiple Profiles - Example of module where profiles are created

Pole Editing - Example of Pole Editing screen

Stay Design - Example of the Stay Designer

For a free 30 day evaluation version of CATAN please contact us. We will assist with the setting up of the user libraries.